Quick and Simple Tip For Reusing An Everyday Household Item

Have you ever bought a reed diffuser and wondered what to do with the small glass jar once the scent has evaporated? If you have, then read on 🙂

Okay so this is possibly going to be the shortest post I’ll ever write here on the blog. It’s really just an extension of something I posted to Instagram yesterday.

That Insta post seemed to hit a chord with many mamas around the globe, so I thought I’d write a small post here too!

I don’t know about you but I do like a reed diffuser. We have one on top of the toilet and one in the window on the staircase. I much prefer natural air fresheners where possible, but I’m unlikely to keep a bowl of lemons in the loo.

As well as smelling delicious, I think reed diffusers look kinda lovely too.

But have you every wondered what to do with those little glass jars once the fragrance has gone?

I used to simply wash the bottles and take them to our recycling centre along with all the other stuff we’d collected and stored away for recycling.

Then one day, when the jars were drying on the draining board, a ray of sunlight hit them. The small glass vessels looked so beautiful. And so they made their way on to the kitchen windowsill, dotted in among my growing collection of house plants.

The jars are so dinky. So pretty.

They’re perfect for single blooms – like a big blousy peony or a day lily – or even for small collections of tiny flowers, like gypsophila.

Plus they’re small enough that they can be displayed pretty much anywhere, on their own on in little collections for added impact.

So there you have it. Turn your empty reed diffusers into mini-vases. It’ll save on waste and give you something pretty to display flowers in all round the house.


How do you reuse your household items? Drop your hints, tips and hacks in the comments below. I’ll share my favourites on my social platforms 🙂

PS – If you’re looking for a delicious Christmasy scent then try this or this.

Please note that as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no additional cost to you, and I only link to products that I use and love!

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