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  • #CalmChronicles

    Join my gentle instagram hashtag challenge #calmchronicles

    Join My Gentle Instagram Challenge

    Hey Mamas!

    I’m sure you’re feeling pretty worried at the moment. And there’s no denying that life’s going to be a little different for a while.

    With our kiddos at home indefinitely, it’s going to take a while for our new “normal” to feel normal.

    As mummies we’re pretty good at putting everyone else’s needs above our own. But we need to remember to show ourselves a little bit of love too.

    We’re going to need to pull together to keep a little slice of calm amidst the chaos around us. And be there for one another during the darker moments too.

    So take this as your personal invitation to join me in finding just a few minutes of calm each day.

    Join my gentle Instagram hashtag challenge #calmchronicles

    Each morning I’ll post a prompt on my Instagram stories using #calmchronicles

    To join in all you need to do is post to your grid, or your stories, something you’ve done that day that fits with the daily prompt. And don’t forget to tag me @ginginandroo so I can share it on my stories.

    It’s that simple!

    My gentle hashtag challenge is all about making sure we find a few minutes of calm everyday, and then share that with one another for a little supportive accountability.

    I’m hoping that we can encourage one another to find a little moment of calm everyday.

    Times are very worrying, but we’re stronger together. So let’s remember we’re not alone in this.

    Even if we have to self-isolate, we can still be part of a wonderful online world of mamas supporting and encouraging one another!

    So join me in making our daily #calmchronicles 


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