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  • 20 Toddler TV Shows (When You Don’t Have Netflix)

    Don't have Netflix but want great toddler TV shows? Here's 20 brilliant toddler TV shows that will help with your child's learning and development for free #toddlertips #toddlerTVshows #toddlerparenting

    20 Toddler TV Shows (When You Don’t Have Netflix)

    Not all screen time is bad. And there are some fab children’s TV programmes for toddlers that will help with their learning and development.

    Here you’ll find 20 brilliant toddler TV shows that will keep your child entertained for a precious few minutes. Better yet, you don’t need to pay for Netflix to watch these children’s TV programmes.

    Every mama knows there are times when you just need to plonk your kiddo in front of the TV to get stuff done. And that’s ok! Ignore those feelings of mum-guilt.

    Toddler TV Shows


    Toddler TV show Alphablocks Logo

    Alphablocks is a fun and entertaining way to introduce your little one to the alphabet and phonics. Each letter is a brightly coloured character. They join hands together to make simple words, sounding them out phonetically.


    Toddler TV show Number blocks logo

    Numblerblocks is a great way to introduce your toddler to numbers and numeracy. Like Alphablocks, each number has its own brightly coloured character. Number ordering and simple number rules are made easy to understand for developing minds with repetition and catchy songs.

    Andy’s Adventures

    Toddler TV show Andy's Adventures logo

    Andy is loved in our house. Both GinGin & Roo can’t get enough of his adventures. Whether Andy is travelling through time to discover prehistoric animals and dinosaurs, or off on his safari adventures, or exploring the natural world to hear his favourite animal noises, my kids can’t get enough of Andy’s Adventures.

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    Something Special

    Children's TV programme Something Special logo

    It might seem like you can’t turn on the telly without seeing Justin Fletcher honking his nose at you, but Something Special is brilliant children’s TV show featuring kids with disabilities. Justin shows us how to communicate using signs and symbols from Makaton and British Sign Language. It’s a super-fun way to encourage inclusivity during the early years of childhood.


    Children's TV Programme Octonauts logo

    A polar bear, a cat, a rabbit and a penguin make up the Octonauts team. Together their fun adventures teach us about the underwater world and creatures of the deep, with a fact-filled creature report in every episode. The Octonauts might even encourage your little one to want to splash in the water and learn to swim.


    Children's TV show Bing logo

    Bing is a rabbit who many toddlers will identify with. He is a toddler – or preschooler – who encounters all the same sort of problems, issues and obstacles that our own children will face in life. Bing can help our toddlers with their understanding of the world. And it can also teach us parents a little about toddler tantrums and challenging behaviour too.

    The Baby Club

    The Baby Club is a wonderful programmes for parents and toddlers. It’s like taking your child along to a playgroup without leaving the house. And it’s packed full of great ideas for keeping our little ones entertained. From songs to sing, books to read, toys to explore, sensory activities there’s something for every toddler to enjoy.

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    Go Jetters

    Toddler TV Show Go Jetters logo

    Ubercorn has to be the COOLEST cartoon character ever! There I said it. Bt Ubercorn isn’t the reason I’ve included the Go Jetters in this list. Go Jetters is brilliant for helping your little one discover the world. Factual, informative and full of adventure, this is a great way to introduce geography to your toddler.


    Children's TV programme Pablo logo

    Pablo is a great children’s TV programme for helping our little ones learn how to deal with problems, overcome challenges and manage emotions. Using his magic crayons and imagination, Pablo shows us how to keep calm in a fun and effective way.


    Toddler TV Show Floogals logo

    The Floogals are tiny little aliens who have come to Earth to try and understand humans and our world. This makes is a great toddler TV show because the mischievous aliens explore everyday objects, work out what they are and what they’re used for. Fantastic for developing real world understanding.

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    Get Well Soon

    Toddler TV Show Get Well Soon logo

    Dr Ranj is a clinician specialising in paediatric emergency medicine and the star of the children’s TV programme Get Well Soon. He helps kids (and parents) deal with common health problems and more serious illnesses. the colourful puppets and catchy songs helps our little ones discover facts about their body and health.

    My World Kitchen

    Children's TV show My World Kitchen logo

    Travel around the globe while sitting at the kitchen table with this fantastic TV food show for kids. Each day a young cook celebrates their family heritage by serving up delicious recipes from ingredients you may not have tried (or heard of!) before.


    Toddler TV Show Melody logo

    This is such a lovely kid’s TV show that introduces your little one to lots of different pieces of classical music. Melody explains what the music reminds her of and then goes on to tell us a story from her imagination. It’s a fantastic programme that helps us to use music to spark our imagination ad creativity.

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    Twirly Woos

    Toddler TV show Twirly Woos logo

    Yet another fantastic TV show to help your toddler learn and develop their understanding of the world. The Twirly Woos don’t speak but still manage to teach us so much about learning through play and introducing ideas like big and small, high and low, empty and full.

    Let’s Play

    Children's TV show Let's Play logo

    Another firm fave in our house, Let’s Play takes us on an adventure through play as Sid and Rebecca take turns dressing up. They face challenges as their dressing up character and have to remember key bits of information to overcome obstacles. Let’s Play is brilliantly funny and will help encourage your little one develop their imaginative play.

    Magic Hands

    Children's TV programme Magic Hands logo

    Magic Hands is another one of those wonderful toddler TV shows that encourages inclusivity and sparks young imaginations. Join the presenters as they translate poetry and songs with British Sign Language, along with brightly coloured animated characters your toddler will love.

    Where in the World

    Children's television programme Where in the World logo

    GinGin and Roo absolutely love watching this kid’s TV show. Children are naturally curious about the world, and the people in it. Where in the World introduces us to children from all around the globe, and tells us a little about their daily life. It’s a great programme to get our kids talking and thinking about cultural differences and similarities.

    Maddie’s Do You Know?

    Toddler TV show Maddie's Do You Know logo

    Always great fun and packed full of interesting facts, Maddie’s Do You Know is brilliant for young, curious minds. Maddie lifts the lid on how everyday things and objects work. An excellent kid’s TV show for helping toddlers and preschoolers understand the world.

    Patchwork Pals

    Toddler TV Show Patchwork Pals logo

    Patchwork Pals is a lovely animated series that my girls love to watch. The Patchwork Pals are different animals that live together on a patchwork blanket. They encounter all sorts of problems but, by working together, they overcome challenges. This is a fantastic show to teach our kids about friendship.

    Mister Maker

    Kid's TV programme Mister Maker logo

    Given how much GinGin and Roo love to do arts and crafts activities, I couldn’t really miss out Mister Maker from this list of toddler TV shows. There are just so many great ideas for making, painting, crafting and creating that will keep your child entertained and give you lots of craft ideas to try too!

    20 Toddler TV Shows (When You Don’t Have Netflix): Summary

    • Alphablocks
    • Numberblocks
    • Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures
    • Something Special
    • Octonauts
    • Bing
    • The Baby Club
    • Go Jetters
    • Pablo
    • Floogals
    • Get Well Soon
    • My World Kitchen
    • Melody
    • Twirly Woos
    • Let’s Play
    • Magic Hands
    • Where in the World
    • Maddie’s Do You Know?
    • Patchwork Pals
    • Mister Maker

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    Don't have Netflix but want great toddler TV shows? Here's 20 brilliant toddler TV shows that will help with your child's learning and development for free #toddlertips #toddlerTVshows #toddlerparenting
    Don't have Netflix but want great toddler TV shows? Here's 20 brilliant toddler TV shows that will help with your child's learning and development for free. #toddlertips #toddlerTVshows #toddlerparenting

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